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Taskforce Mission

The Fertility Preservation Taskforce is a collaborative association of fertility specialists, gynaecologists, paediatric providers and oncologists, with the main objective of this group being to foster collaborative research and development in the area of fertility preservation.

Auspiciously, improvements in oncology treatments have resulted in the majority of patients diagnosed with the commonest forms of cancer expecting to survive their diagnosis. However, certain chemotherapy (and radiotherapy) treatments can lead to impaired fertility.

Various protection and preservation strategies have been developed in an effort to improve fertility and/or quality of life outcomes for this population; yet, each of these strategies have their limitations and some techniques are still considered experimental. Through the Fertility Preservation Taskforce, we aim to enhance knowledge among health professionals and the public on infertility induced by cancer treatments and other medical treatments through national and international collaborations to facilitate research, educate and to develop novel, evidence-based approaches to fertility preservation.

We envisage that exciting developments will ensue from the collaborative contributions from Oncologists, Fertility Specialists, Paediatric Providers, Andrologists, Nursing Staff and Scientists in the field of Fertility preservation.

Our Mission Statement:

  • The Fertility Preservation Taskforce works together to:
  • Provide a forum for similarly interested society members to interact and discuss common issues encountered with fertility preservation
  • Connect with oncology, rheumatology, gynaecology and other professional groups to provide forums for discussion, advice, education, guidelines and patient consultation
  • Define best practice in the co-ordination and education of clinical services for fertility preservation.
  • Recognise areas of research and collaborate to achieve evidence-based outcomes.
  • Provide regular clinical updates to the wider group relating to current issues in the field of fertility preservation.
  • To integrate the collective wisdom of families of children with cancer, cancer survivors and leading experts from a range of disciplines, in order to develop clinical pathways and policies around paediatric and adolescent fertility preservation

An underlying principle of the Fertility Preservation Taskforce is to foster professional collaborations in this important area of medicine by the sharing of knowledge and experience.